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Applications in superconductivity
Dr Barry began work in superconductivity when the field of high temperature superconductors was very new.  He carried out research work in this area both at Arizona State University and at the University of Queensland.  Dr Barry was a principal investigator in two major superconductor projects at the University of Queensland, "Development of Continuous Superconducting Wire Coils” and "Superconducting components for the Electricity Supply Industry".

At the present time, and as part of the PicaMS consulting business, Dr Barry is working with a Gold Coast company on a superconducting magnetic shield application.  Expulsion of magnetic fields is a fundamental property of superconductors.  The consultancy involves modelling, and deriving a theoretical framework, which aids in the design of magnetic shields and provides a systematic means for analysis of performance.

TEM lattice image of YBCO

TEM lattice image of YBCO high temperature superconductor

Off axis magnetic force
Force between 20mm diameter, 130mm long magnets.  Simulated and measured plots of
lateral force versus distance as the magnets are moved horizontally across in front of each other

On-axis magnetic flux density
Simulated and measured plots of magnetic flux density as a function of distance
from the front of a 20mm diameter, 10mm long magnet

magnetic field profile near to magnet
Simulated and measured maps of the perpendicular component of magnetic flux
density at 30 mm from the front of a 50mm diameter, 12mm long magnet