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Dr John C Barry
Nickel sulphide inclusions in glass
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Nanostructure is the single most important agent for the control of  properties and function of  new materials

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About Dr John C Barry
Dr John Barry, the principal scientist at PicaMS, has worked at Oxford University, Arizona State and the University of Queensland and has more than 20 years experience in materials science and applications of electron beam methods.  Dr Barry has more than 80 papers in peer reviewed journals in relating structure to properties of materials, in nanoscience, and in applications and innovations using electron microscopy techniques.

Dr Barry has conducted research in:
  • The structure nickel sulphide inclusions which cause spontaneous fracture of window glass in high-rise buildings
  • Structure inhomogeneity and phase separation in high temperature superconductors.
  • Crystal morphology and microstructure in teeth and bone
  • Innovation in high resolution transmission electron microscopy
  • Structure and function of light alloys
  • Carbons and coal
Dr Barry is principal consultant at PicaMS where he promotes the principle of finding solutions through systematic analysis.  It has been especially satisfying for him to be able to apply high level analytical skills  in solving complex problems encountered in modern industry

Dr Barry may be contacted directly on +61(0)439 673 345, or by email at john_c_barry'AT'picams.com.au